“Lifesaver” discussion continued.

Question 12- What would you like readers of Lifesaver to take away from the experience?


Answer 12-I hope that they’d say the book was fair. I hope they appreciate the objective way I presented my case with Scripture. I hope they realize after reading Lifesaver that truth matters. I hope they can see that Christians can disagree without making the other side out to be villains. I hope they can process everything and be able to take a stand against popular opinion. And, I guess, I want them to know if a brother or sister supports the “any moment rapture” position, it doesn’t mean they have horns. It only means they do not fully understand what the Bible teaches or correctly interpret prophecy–therefore, they are in trouble of being deceived.

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  1. I am through 18 chapters of LIFESAVER. So far it I found it to give an honest look at Scripture. For someone who loves God’s word, this book has so many Bible references and examples. For me LIFESAVER has been thought-provoking; guiding me to make connections I never made before. For example: Chapter 17 looked at Hezekiah and how God gave him an opportunity to witness about God’s power. The Babylonians heard that the king had been on the verge of death but was healed. Instead of glorifying God, Hezekiah showed off the wealth of his treasury. This would come back to haunt his descendants (Isaiah 39:1-8).

    I saw a contrast with what Hezekiah did and Peter and John’s actions in Acts 3:1-10. The apostles told the crippled beggar at the beautiful gate that they had neither silver or gold, but what they had resulted in God being glorified.

    The questions I asked myself were these: Did Peter rely on wealth or on the Spirit of Jesus in order to help the beggar? What happened to the beggar? What was the reaction of the crowd when they saw the miracle? Finally, who had the best witness for God and whose example should we follow–Hezekiah’s or Peter and John’s.

    What does everyone else think about the 2 passages?

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