Holding a winning hand

Experienced poker players faces are expression-less no matter if they have great cards or lousy ones. In high-stakes’ games, it is rare for anyone to give hints to what they are holding. The only time it doesn’t matter is an all-or-nothing round when one of the players has an unbeatable hand.

When I read the report in The Washington Times (November 1, 2013) on China’s plans for a U.S. nuclear attack,  I noticed the news source was state-run media inside China. As far as diplomacy is concerned, no one is better than the Chinese government at masking their intentions. So why would they reveal their attack strategy? Could they be supremely confident that America’s leadership would not order a pre-emptive strike (hit them before they hit us)? Is announcing their military intentions in a government-controlled newspaper China’s way of saying they’re holding an unbeatable hand?

As I analyze the situation, I view China’s attack as inevitable. They are holding all the cards. The U.S. has been on a path toward default for decades. We’re now in debt to China in the $ trillions. Proverbs 22:7 describes our predicament: “The borrower is servant to the lender.” When China calls in the loan, it is all over.

Suppose the Chinese went after us militarily next week; how would we finance the billions needed for defense? We could not. How would we arm ourselves when we have long been out-sourcing production to countries like China? Do you see why the Chinese can tip their hand?

China has to do something. They cannot idly stand by while lawmakers and our chief executive take America into hyper-inflation. Bankers must protect their investments. 

Which leads to my second point on why China will attack and how. Using the banker analogy, if the mortgagee cannot make payments, the lender does not destroy the collateral. The mortgager wants their investment in the best shape possible since, after foreclosure, it becomes theirs.

What I’m saying is this: The idea of a nuclear bomb attack on U.S. soil from Chinese submarines and destroyers in the Pacific is most unlikely. Who wants to foreclose on radioactive property that will be uninhabitable for a hundred years? Who wants to takeover piles of rubble where there were once cities?  There is a better way of using nukes than producing a vast wasteland. The Chinese are telegraphing their intentions to use subs and destroyers to launch nukes that detonate in the U.S. atmosphere. The shock wave from the blast above then takes out every electronic device on the ground below within a circumference of hundreds of miles. Multiple blasts means everything goes dark and stays that way.

In one swift, clean strike, China can render half of the U.S. absent of the technology it depends on. With all communications silenced, our ability to wage war hamstrung, transportation at a stand still, the electrical grid useless, production shut down as well as public water, sewer and heat defunct, what do we do? Throw in an invading army of millions of crack troops, how long would it be before we raised the white flag? If the strike took place in the cold of winter, Lord have mercy!

The nukes that China is threatening us with are nuclear electro-magnetic pulse weapons (EMP’s) and nothing can stop it. To get the lights back on and machinery operating again, China would only need to replace the bad computer chips and processors with good ones. Their investment would be saved, only under new management. In Bible prophecy, it is playing out the way God said it would. Godlessness does not go unpunished. In the last days, an invading nation is about to punish America for its great wickedness. We have acted arrogantly, while holding a losing hand. As far as China is concerned, there is no sense in hiding the fact they have a winner. 



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