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The post “Holding a winning hand” came up in conversation among friends earlier today. It drew quite a reaction from a man I normally find myself agreeing with, especially on political matters. In fairness, Mr. G. did not hear the beginning of the discussion  or he may not have responded as forcefully as he did.

When he heard me say, “China would attack the U.S. using Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapons” it was Mr. G. who went ballistic. “That’s science-fiction!” he said.  This was followed by his assertion that our military is “EMP-Proof” and our counter-attack would bomb China back to the stone-age–my words not his.

I do not doubt Mr. G.’s point, if military might was the only consideration, that is. I informed him of the article I cited in yesterday’s post, “China’s plans for a nuclear attack”, plus I reminded him of our financial status (over $1 trillion in debt to China). Then I asked, “What if China demanded what we owe?” “If attacked, how would we finance our self-defense, especially if EMP’s have taken out our computers and electrical grid?”  

With this, my buddy admitted, “We’re done!”

If there’s no electricity, how do we get to our money? How would we access our savings? What good would dollars do even if we had a large stash of bills? There’s no on-line banking since computers would be rendered useless–the bank’s included?

Another question: Who would come to America’s aid in its time of need? Mexico? Costa Rica? I don’t think so. Lots of countries don’t like us as evidenced by Iran’s call for ‘Death to the U.S.’

Other than Canada, allies with a military worth talking about would have to cross an ocean. Even our so-called friends could be encouraged by the Chinese economically and militarily to stand down.

My co-laborer on this blog, Elijah, foresees U.S. forces involved in the Middle East when things blow up there. Iran’s threats to nuke Israel might give the Israeli’s all the provocation they need to strike nuclear facilities with all they got. With America’s interests in the region at stake, what would keep the U.S. from establishing a major Middle East military presence? If this should happen, it would be one part of the perfect storm of negative events that invite China’s aggression.

The root of my conviction that a Chinese attack is inevitable is not based on economic issues, newspaper articles, inside information or a death-wish for America, it comes from my belief that we are living in the last days. All but a few that I know admit that the U.S. is going down the drain. The real reason this nation is doomed is that we have become a stench in God’s nostrils. America has invited God’s wrath.

History shows that when a once righteous nation ceases to fear or honor the Lord or show gratitude for their divine blessings, the Almighty sends an invader to inflict his judgment. The Assyrians took care of the idolatrous Israelites. As prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah predicted, the Babylonians conquered Judah and Jerusalem. In 70 A.D., the Romans crushed the Jews and turned Jerusalem to rubble after they persecuted and scattered Christ’s followers.

It’s all in the Bible. If you don’t read the Bible, examine history. Rotting from within is an invitation for a conqueror. The first in grabs the spoils before others get there. America has a lot of wealth that makes it an attractive target. 

There are several million well-armed American gun owners that give the Chinese pause, but maybe our D.C. politicians can assist them by enacting anti-gun legislation.

Wake up! Repent and enter the Kingdom of God through faith in Christ! Place your hope in Jesus our King. Only He can save. Know what the prophets of God know. Now is the time.



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