Big Bully

No one likes a bully. Bullies intimidate. They like to threaten the vulnerable with personal harm. Victory for the bully is when, through fear, their target becomes their slave. 


By the above definition, I say the devil is a big bully. A lot of spiritual counseling involves listening to despairing Christians who have been pushed around and made miserable by the wicked one.

“How do we get the devil to leave us alone?” is the wrong question. We ought to be asking how we become stronger people.

In terms of living a powerful Christian life, I see the advantage going to the brother or sister who grew up on Mean Street, not Main Street. On Mean Street you learn early that bullies are cowards. You know that if one is going to make it off of Mean Street alive, you will have to be bold. Growing up in the ghetto, a person has to learn early that the way to survive is by learning to fight!

As long as we remain weak, vulnerable and passive, we are going to be Satan’s target. Believers are not defenseless; we have weapons that we, in many cases, are not even aware of. These spiritual weapons are mighty to the tearing down of strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). Whether we’re 9 or 90, male or female, there is spiritual armor and a two-edged sword that’s just our size (Ephesians 6:10-17). Our task is to confess all sin, be courageous and study the devil’s playbook. The Bible exposes our enemy’s schemes as well as his soft under-belly.

These days, we read or hear a lot about spiritual warfare. Perhaps we’ve realized we are in a battle, but do we plan to win this war? With love, prayer, the Word of God and faith as our weapons, we ought to be itching for a face-off with our adversary. Instead of hoping to escape the Tribulation, we ought to beg to stay and fight. Jesus, our Master and Teacher, is a Warrior (Exodus 15:3). He will help us find our strength. He will guide us on how to use our spiritual weapons in a fierce manner then how to take the fight to the enemy.

“There will be terrible times in the last days” (2 Timothy 3:1). We better get our minds right as well as our hearts and spirits right with God. There are things we cannot learn while seated on our padded pew. We have to step into the arena of spiritual conflict.

It is time we engage in some offense. Maybe then we can be part of Christ’s end-time army of liberation (i.e. The Church). Perhaps someone reading this will be among the 144,000 elite army of Christ that stops the devil’s bullying once and for all.

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