For what purpose was the wrecking ball invented? It was made to shorten the demolition team’s work time. That’s important when there’s a lot of demolishing to do. The old must make way for the new; especially, when the old has become a stench or an eyesore. 

When God decrees that a nation has turned rotten and must go, a couple of things happen: First, the Lord sends his prophets to call everyone to repent from their wickedness and be saved. The next step is the arrival of the demolition crew. Though, occasionally, the Lord will use fire and brimstone, an earthquake, a flood or natural disasters, his usual practice is to dispatch human demolishers. Once they start, their job is to prepare everything on the inside for the day of the wrecking ball.

In the middle part of the 6th century B.C., the clock ran out on Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar had been the empire’s builder. The Persians were the wrecking ball. It was Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar’s descendant, along with his royal advisors that made up the demolition crew (Daniel 5).

Belshazzar, a royal descendant of Nebuchadnezzar was God-sent. His arrogance and idol worship did not bring God’s judgment on Babylon; instead, Belshazzar’s reign revealed it. Long before, the Lord decreed through his prophet Jeremiah, “Babylon must fall because of Israel’s slain…” (Jeremiah 51:49 NIV). The hand writing on the wall during the king’s feast was the divine signal. The hand of God served notice Belshazzar’s inside demolition job was done and his services were no longer required (Daniel 5:30).

In 70 A.D., the Roman wrecking ball turned Jerusalem into rubble. Do not ignore the contribution of Judea’s religious leaders. Led by their chief priests and elders, they crucified Our Lord, then persecuted and scattered believers. Decades earlier, Jesus warned them: “They will dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will leave not one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.” (Luke 19:44)

It happened just as Jesus said. No more temple, no more priests, no more city. After the job was done, the demolition team disappeared .   

The wrecking ball is set to reappear. I have predicted that China is God’s chosen instrument to bring a once great republic to utter ruin (“Captivity”, Chapter 18, The Prophets of God). Presently, the demolition project is well underway. The crew is busy weakening pillars and removing all that has value or once made America noble and good. Actually, we hired them! They may claim to be builders, but their sledge hammers and wrecking bars betray their true purpose.

The demotion crew will foolishly do what they were sent to do, right to the end. Afterward, we will look, but they will not be found.

Follow Abraham and Daniel’s example (Genesis 14:21-23, Daniel 5:16-17). They survived Sodom’s and Babylon’s destruction by keeping their distance and not accepting anything the condemned offer.


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