Sitting at the Green Light


I must confess, I still get angry behind the wheel. To set me off, it only takes a little lapse on the part of the other guy.

How about a test? If someone ahead at a red light stayed put after the light changed, how many subsequent changes would you sit through before blowing your horn or your top? Five, three or less?

If you are more than a bit impatient, then this situation might frustrate you, especially if you have an appointment or behind schedule. Unless I know there’s a medical emergency or someone’s lying in the crosswalk, I’m angry. If, just because, the person ahead is unwilling to make way and drive through the intersection, then, I’m sorry, I’m counting to ten or thinking bad thoughts.

With the above scenario in mind, try to imagine how the Lord feels when he gives his beloved the green light, yet they refuse to budge. (The green light only lasts so long. It is a door that closes if not swiftly entered.) To sit while it’s our turn to go is the definition of an obstructionist.  

The resurrected Jesus, the One we call Lord and King, commanded his disciples to “Go into all nations” and make more disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey what He spoke in His Word. Then a promise came with this great commission; “And lo, I am [present tense] with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20 NIV)

Internationally, green lights mean “Go”. The Son of God has received all authority in heaven and on earth and he says, “GO!” Along with that is his promise to be a continual presence as we moved out. We sit. Oh, but then we read Christ’s last instructions in Acts 1:8. We are to receive the Holy Spirit and be Jesus’ witnesses to the ends of the earth. So we pray for the Spirit of God to empower us, then we sit and sit some more.

The rest of creation and the unsaved of the nations, groan in anguish, waiting for the true sons of God to be revealed in the last days. Nothing good will come to those engaged in obstructionism. Lead, follow or get out of the way. If we don’t overcome our inertia and proceed with our task of making disciples of all nations, we aren’t going to like what happens. God will express his rage at the unwilling and disobedient. The nations will soon arrive in force with the intent of doing great harm. Then we’ll be sorry.

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  1. This is an excellent article. Before the end comes, the Gospel message will be taken to the entire world, as a testimony to the nations. (Matthew 24:14). God does not want us to stand still, resting in our own salvation. Jesus is the epitome of mercy and He seeks the lost. That is what we are to do. God calls His people out of the cities that will face the fire of His judgment. Lot was taken out of Sodom and he was to head to the hills. In much the same way, Jesus tells those who see the Abomination that causes Desolation, standing in the Holy Place, to flee to the mountains without looking back. (Matthew 24:15-28) There is a dual purpose to this command.

    1) The mountains provide protection and shelter. The anti-Christ will seek to destroy those who refuse to take his mark but God will protect and hide His people.(those who are not meant to be martyred)

    2) Our Lord has people waiting for us to meet them and bring the message of salvation and The Kingdom. Remember, David’s mighty men were the dregs of society and outcasts. They hid in caves and mountainous regions.

    Your post was so precise, pastor. Jesus expects us to be proactive and storm the gates of Hell. The true people of God are not timid, but are willing to serve the Father no matter what the cost. We must take the light of our Savior and bring it to the people who are starving to hear it. They will be in the darkest places.- EJ

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