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The recent debate at the Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky (near Cincinnati, Ohio), was a doozy. It was popular American TV personality, Bill Nye, of the PBS “The Science Guy”, versus Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis (AIG)-U.S.  According to AIG’s March Newsletter, the debate was seen on-line by an estimated 12 million in 109 countries.

Basically, the issue was “Is Creationism and its view of origins a viable scientific option and should it be taught in schools as an alternative to evolution?” Bill Nye said “No,” while Ken Ham argued for Genesis as a scientific explanation for the beginning of life.

During the Q & A portion, Ken Ham asked Mr. Nye two questions. The questions were: “Where did the atoms come from that resulted in the Big Bang?” and, the other, “How did we get consciousness from matter?” The Science Guy’s response spoke volumes. “This is the great mystery.”

One might think the two questions would create a big bang of their own in the brains of the evolution-minded who heard it. But, the only noise coming from them has been the sound of digging in.

Ken Ham’s ministry is not just directed at educators and scientists with a secular bias; it is also for the Church. In our pulpits are teachers who have bought the lie in one or more of its various forms. Ham’s message offers a wake-up call against evolution’s deception.

The efforts of AIG and Ken Ham are heroic, but what is also needed is a ministry of “Answers in Revelation”. Exposed also to the lie is the Bible’s opposite book (i.e. prophecy). “Watch out that no one deceives you,” was Jesus’ first warning when he taught on the signs of the end of the age (Matthew 24:4).

At our vision is similar to that of AIG. Regarding the last days, we strive to be a voice that echoes Scripture. God willing, we’ll alert many Christians before it’s too late. jf

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