The Book of Revelation (Prelude)

A fearsome dragon terrorizes the world while his protégé, the beast mesmerizes untold millions. A second beast assists in the deception of the world. The populace is enthralled by this unholy trinity. Meanwhile, a beautiful bride nobly battles for survival. She is overcome by the beast with seven heads. The world has fallen for his chicanery. Yet, there is hope as a valiant prince rescues His bride from certain death. The two beasts are thrown into a fiery prison, while the dragon is chained and bound to a gloomy abyss for a thousand years.

Does this sound like a Sci-Fi action adventure? As amazing as it may seem, these events will transpire within an epic battle of the ages between Jesus and Satan. Our planet, as well as the heavens themselves, are the battleground. This is The War of the Ages.

While written with beautiful symbolism, The Book of Revelation, is an unveiling of the great conflict which is to come. John, the Apostle, was told to write about what would soon take place. Our Lord, himself, is “the Revelator”. It is He who lovingly provides us with the guide on thriving during the distress of those days.

To better understand Revelation, it is good to know its genre. It is written in the literary style of an ancient Greek play. There are flashback scenes but the majority of the letter follows a chronology. Above all, we must heed every word. Blessings will follow those who take the words of this prophecy to heart (Rev. 1:3).

Not all of God’s saints will physically survive the last days (i.e. The 70th week of Daniel), but the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens (Daniel 12:3). God’s people who rightly interpret prophecy have the advantage. We must trust in the sovereign plan of Jesus no matter what the cost. Our expected-end and destinies hang in the balance. EJ

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