They’re Tryin’ to Kill Us!

Then Pharaoh gave this order to all his people: “Every boy that is born [to the Hebrews] you must throw into the Nile, but let every girl live.” (Exodus 1:22 NIV)

A friend described a day he will never forget. While hunting for wild turkey, he noticed a hunter approach him, raise his shotgun to his shoulder, aim right at him and fire. Blown off a log by the blast, he had trouble processing what had happened. “That guy is trying to kill me,” he concluded.

My friend must have looked like a wild turkey, at least that is what the shooter said. It was a miracle his life was saved. It went into the books as a hunting accident.

Exodus 1 begins a story about God’s people leaving Egypt. After living in the land a few hundred years, the Hebrews woke one day to a different world. A new ruler was in charge, and, for some reason, they had become his enemy. Processing their new reality was hard. It was going to get rough.

But the more God’s people were oppressed the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptians came to dread them (Exodus 1:12). Irrational fear of the Hebrews overtook the Egyptians. Treating them harshly as slaves compounded their fears. Pharaoh decided to take his hatred to another level. He ordered Hebrew midwives to kill the boy babies. It wasn’t enough to make their dads slaves, Pharaoh’s new plan was to destroy their sons as soon as they were born. It must have been hard for the Hebrews to accept, but their king was trying to kill them. Finally, Pharaoh ordered anyone who found a male Hebrew baby to throw him into the Nile River (above).

Adolph Hitler rose from obscurity to take leadership of the German Reich. Beginning in the 1920’s, der Fuehrer played on the Antisemitism in his country painting Jews as the chief scapegoat for the economic troubles. After he seized power, Hitler’s hatred for God’s people became more than rhetoric. It spilled over into the streets in early November 1938 during “the night of broken glass.” Thereafter, it became crystal clear Germany’s leader was trying to kill Jews as well as others who stood in his way.

Signs are everywhere that God’s people are in their government’s cross-hairs. America is a prime example. Domestic policies such as abortion, gay marriage, drug legalization, illegal immigration and euthanasia, force believers to take a stand against their government. Foreign policy decisions such as negotiating with the enemy, mistreating our friends and sending our troops to fight with no prospect of victory, all adds up to disaster. Our leaders are trying to kill us.

America has changed. Our grandparents and parents knew a different day. Authorities will deny it, but their actions show they despise God and reject his Word. They hate us without reason. Why in heaven’s name, would this be? Satan’s time is short. He is raging against the saints, is the answer.

God wants his people to cut our ties of affection and loyalty with this world. Prepare to leave Egypt. If the verbal abuse and ridicule is aimed our way, it won’t be long until the shotgun will be as well. Don’t question whether they will fire. The whole world will soon fall into the hands of the Antichrist. The Lord wants us out of our enemy’s cross-hairs and into the Promised Land.

Read prophecy for yourself. They will try to kill us. Process this. Accept the reality of what it means to live for Christ in the last days. Trust in the Lord to be our hiding place.

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  1. The Bible shows us from Genesis to Revelation that the sons of Satan have tried to kill the seed of the woman. Yet, God provided an escape route, unless one was destined to die by the sword.
    We need to discern the times. I believe that with the Supreme Court Decision legalizing same sex marriages and with America’s role in the Iran arms deal, the judgment of this once great country has been sealed. The United States will become a remnant when we reach the final 7 years of this age.
    That time is coming soon, yet God will give grace and perseverance to His people. He promises us trials and tribulations but He will never forsake us. His grace will abound and see us through. We must be ready for the battle of our lives.


    1. Thank you for commenting, Elijah. No need to try and persuade you that they’re tryin’ to kill us.

      Once, while speaking with an administrator in charge of a large prison, I asked about emergency procedures for quelling a large disturbance. The plans included additional armed security from outside law enforcement agencies. His response took me by surprise. They had an answer for a riot, he said, but there’s nothing to stop a government that goes bad. Hmmm.

      You’ve stated that for his people God always provides a way of escape, but is that accurate? Is there an escape for Pastor Sayeed in Iran or Asia Bibi imprisoned in Pakistan? I think it is better to say God gives his saints the ability to endure as they drink from his cup of suffering.

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