Moseses (Plural for Moses), Part 2

Moses and the Red Sea
The LORD said,… “And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me, and I have seen the way the Egyptians are oppressing them. So now, go, I am sending you to Pharoah to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.”

But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:7a, 9-11 NIV)

Last evening, a number of U.S. presidential candidates lined a platform in Southern California to debate before the eyes of the world. Americans–as well as humanity in general–are looking for a savior. Who will rescue? Who will lead them to the Promised Land of peace and prosperity? On what man or woman will everyone pin their hopes? Only one will be chosen, but mark my words: They will not have the spirit of Moses, but the spirit of antichrist.

The world is ready for Satan’s seduction. The candidate who most convincingly promises “peace and safety” or “you will have success” (without turning from sin) will rise to a level of power previously unknown. All nations will sing their leader’s praises. They will shout in revelry like the Israelites did when they danced before the golden calves (cf. Exodus 31:1-20).

Moseses will come forth when God’s people weep and wail over the world’s condition. When the cry of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s descendants reaches heaven, then will the Lord respond and send his rescuers.

(Notice, in Exodus 3:11, that our prototype Moses did not believe he was God’s gift to humanity as does the typical politician. Humbly, he asked “Who am I?”)

Prophets have a divine calling, they are not chosen by ballot. People tend to reject divine rule, but want a king like other nations. The world will soon have their king! Pharaoh will seem tame in comparison. The Moseses will appear when all misplaced hope in Egypt dissipates like smoke. Our brothers and sisters experiencing persecution are aware, but Western Christians are not yet at the “awareness” stage.

How will we know prophets like Moses? Not by their rise in the polls, but by their willingness to fill the ruler’s prison. America and this world are presently under God’s judgment. The powerful hope to silence prophetic warnings while they boast of their superior abilities to the adoring crowd.

Want a preview of what the Moseses will be saying? If we have ears to hear, read Revelation 2 and 3. The Prophet went into the midst of seven churches and divided the righteous from the wicked. If it is time for judgment to begin on the household of God, then it’s time for the Moseses to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Are you a Moses in the making? A goal of blog is to serve anointed men and women by equipping them to walk in their destiny.

I recommend “The Prophets of God: Recognize them, Listen to them, Follow them” (Top left). If we don’t know what a true prophet looks like, how can we be one?

3 Replies to “Moseses (Plural for Moses), Part 2

  1. You make excellent points. The true prophet/prophetess will not rely on the power of nations or one dynamic leader. He/she will trust and rely on the power of God and the authority of the Bible. Scripture gives us the blueprint for what will happen and the approximate time frame. We need to properly divide the Word of Truth.

    What does a prophet/ess look like? Well he/she will not be elaborately dressed. The individual will boldly proclaim Yahweh’s word to kings, no matter the consequences. The prophet/ess will NEVER prophesy peace before there is a time of harsh tribulation. This servant of God will have clear understanding of Israel’s history and how the feast days of God relate to future events. The prophet/ess will be able to know what the BEAST will do even before he does. The Holy Spirit leads God’s servants and HE is more powerful than any Satanic Spirit.

    Finally, a true prophet of God will accurately state that the antichrist will physically arrive on the scene before Jesus returns. There are prophets among us today. EJ

  2. A friend shared a recent experience he had in a local church that has a membership in the 1000’s. What he saw has him a bit confused. People claimed to be healed (?). He witnessed many go down under the power of the Spirit (?). They were mostly female, he added. He heard prophecy that may or may not come true. The entire event puzzled him. Was what he saw staged or was it real?

    I inserted the (?) to reflect my friend’s doubts. Great claims were made to attract the crowd. Certainly it was a great show for a packed house. (Must have been a large offering. There was probably a guaranteed minimum for ministry expenses, of course.)

    According to my friend, the “evangelist” cut a handsome figure and his wife/assistant was a beautiful woman. Their clothing was top shelf and every falling out in the Spirit (?) seemed well choreographed.

    One thing that strikes me about this man was that he was business-like, not Moses-like. I wonder if the evangelist believes we are in the last days. Without an in-depth investigation, what perspective can you offer?

  3. John the Baptist was a voice shouting out in the wilderness, eating locusts and wild honey. Nothing special about him. I do not see the prophets of God being flashy but blunt and to the point. We know there are demonic wonders that will be performed in the last days. We also know that the deception will fool many people. This experience DOES NOT seem authentic to me.

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