Descending into What?

For the LORD has a day of vengeance, a year of retribution, to uphold Zion’s cause… God will stretch out over Edom the measuring line of chaos and the plumb line of desolation.           (Isaiah 34:8a, 11b NIV)

As if serious warnings of the health risk related to the Zika virus is not bad enough for Brazil, host country for this summer’s Olympic Games, they have impeached their president. Brazil’s senate has voted to bring their leader, Dilma Rousseff, to trial on corruption charges. She has been suspended from governing for at least six months, or until her trial is over. For now, in a distressed Rio, it is let the games begin.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., the presumed candidates for the nation’s highest office have their own problems. Former State Department head, Hillary Clinton, is attempting to keep her campaign ship afloat while the FBI tightens their investigation into charges she illegally used a private email server to release classified information. These are charges Mrs. Clinton has staunchly denied.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is drawing criticism for not releasing his current tax returns. Regarding the billionaire businessman, a story broke yesterday in The Washington Times that the widely-circulated Washington Post has dispatched twenty investigative reporters to dig for dirt. The news is The Post will be searching for sleaze in each phase of Mr. Trump’s past life. Let the ripping and shredding of politicians intensify in America.

As the fabric of Western democracies, like Brazil’s and that of the U.S., tears to pieces, many are being driven to the devil! Weeks back, a headline in The Conversation asked “Can a burgeoning Satanic movement actually effect political change?”

Satanism is no longer a small, anti-establishment spiritual movement, it’s become big business as well as a political force. When people distrust their leaders, it leaves a void that chaos fills. It has begun. We are descending into darkness!

Christ is the cosmic glue that holds all things together (Colossians 1:17). Once His Mighty Hand is taken out of the way, then what? Prophecy indicates one will emerge from the anarchy, the mob-rule, the destruction, the wars, violence and social upheaval. He will lead the Satanic revolution and point worshipers toward the altar of Baal. He will be the solution desperate rebels crave.

Soon the perfect storm of confusion will bring Satan’s spawn to the forefront. His name is “The Abomination that Causes Desolation”. After he is thrown into the Lake of Fire and his master, Satan, is cast into the Abyss, 1000 years of the Prince of Peace follows (Revelation 19:20, 20:2-3).

The wicked spirits of this age, the powers and principalities of this world, are, in fact, creating the present descent into chaos. While the Anti-Christ is the Prince of Desolation,  Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Next, we will examine what the Great Cosmic Conflict of the Ages will be fought for. Let the war begin! JF

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  1. We are in desperate times. This world is going to be handed over to its desires. The world will marvel at the antichrist (Rev 13:8 and 17:8). Their names were never written in the Book of Life. We must study scripture and be discerning about Bible Prophecy. Before the antichrist comes into power, there will be an establishment of 10 Kings/kingdoms and the beast will overthrow 3 of them. (Daniel 7:24). The time is now for the people of God to make their stand. EJ

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