Hate vs. Love

In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit. (Judges 21:25 NIV)

In the weeks leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration as America’s Commander-in-Chief, Head of the Executive Branch and Leader of the free world, great attention was given to the angry, the disenchanted, the outraged and the fearful opposition. Across the U.S., protests against President Trump were planned, carried out and still continue.

The day after the presidential oath, masses of women marched on Washington D.C. and other cities. With signs held high and chanting loudly, their hostility was palpable.

Also in Washington D.C., last Friday’s crowd (January 27th) was as numerous as the group the week before, yet markedly different. Love not hate motivated the second rally. Many made commitments to protecting the unborn.  They cheered Vice President Pence as he spoke. Their gathering was covered with prayer. They were Pro-Life. Compared to those lining the same streets the week before, participants in the “44th Annual March for Life” sparked little interest from the national media. In the war between love and hate—at least as far as news coverage is concerned—hate wins ratings.

During the presidential campaign, prayers were heard in each of America’s state capitals. Led by Evangelist Franklin Graham, and supported by pastors and churches, pleas were made to God for a restoration of traditional values. Those joining in the petition sought a reversal of the nation’s moral decline and a return to Christ. God gave them the miracle for which they asked.

In  Judges when the Israelites (above) threw off the chains of godliness, they turned to idols. After everything fell apart, they cried out to God. The Lord heard their plea. He sent a leader (judge) to defeat their enemies and restore their peace. As soon as all was well, Israel returned to pagan gods. They failed to love the Lord who rescued them. We can’t let history repeat itself.

There was no protest against the then-President Obama, only intercession for him, his family and for the country. In brokenness and faith, believers sought God’s mercy. After November’s election surveys showed evangelicals turned out for the Trump/Pence ticket in numbers not seen in over thirty years. Say what you will, love for God, love for morality, love of country, and concern for their family’s future, guided their ballot. Love wins with God.

Do not surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you. We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not have love remains in death. Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him. (1 John 3:13-15)

The hate that’s nightly screamed in our ears is no-doubt coming from spoiled children who’ve had their way for too long. Parent-figures must deal with resentments when discipline has been lacking for too long. When the law is laid down—especially laws that were unenforced—wails of anguish are sure to follow.

Sometimes love must be tough. Angry and hurtful words may be spoken, but if mature grown-ups hold their ground and remain patient, there is a chance that one day scorn will become gratitude. Eight years or more of doing only what is right in their own eyes, will cost America plenty.  If, however, we can correct this attitude of entitlement, weather the storm of insults, the false charges and the tantrums, there is hope. In the battle of hate v. love, love must prevail. Love will indeed conquer all.

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  1. Excellent Post! Jesus was clear that if we love Him, we will keep His Commandments. How we act, shows who we belong to. Those who profess faith in Jesus but then decide to do what is right in their own minds are actually saying that what God says is not important. Each time Israel followed other nations or their own desires, they showed contempt for their creator and protector. As the body of Christ we must turn to the Lord with everything. However, we love our sins so much that we cannot completely submit ourselves to Jesus. So the question everyone needs to answer is this: Whom do we love more: Jesus or the world. EJ

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