Correction–“The Priests of God” for Kindle, Nook, iTunes on hold

At the beginning of a work day, a friend of mine used to be fond of saying, “Due to circumstances beyond our control…” We all laughed. Well, this isn’t funny! Last month I confidently announced an early January release in electronic format of our latest in “THE PROPHETS, PRIESTS and KINGS Series” through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes. (An ebook 1st edition is available for download at Unfortunately, publisher and conversion issues with the manuscript that are originating on my end continue. Each time I think they are resolved I find out they are not, not yet at least. I promise to keep bringing this to the Lord for His help. I know it is in His All-Powerful hands, so I rest in his blessed assurance. We have tried our best to solve the issues but, at this moment, they remain. We will keep praying like it all depends on God while working like it all depends on us. We shall overcome.  The enemy’s efforts to thwart our book’s message to the next generation of The Priests of God will fail. Yes, the circumstances are out of our control, but, at the time of the Lord’s choosing, we will see God’s saints edified and God’s Name glorified–or die trying!– jf

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As an encouragement to this blog’s readers, yesterday I received another book review on The Priests of God that I had to pass on. I share it below:

If I could think of one book for a young lover of prophecy, or any student of the end times, or of the age to come, it would be John Finkbeiner’s practical, insightful, thought-provoking and Scripture-filled “The Priests of God.”  B. Fredericks, Phila., PA

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