Disclaimer: Despite The Prophets of God name, neither I, John, nor my close associate, Elijah, refer to ourselves as prophets. We claim no title of “Prophet.” We believe prophecy–as in foretelling the future–ended with the last chapter and last verse of Revelation. It was there that Jesus said, “Behold, I am coming soon.” It is our task to rightly interpret and declare “last things” as spoken through the Bible’s prophets.

Our blog began as a continuation of the book The Prophets of God: Recognize them, Listen to them, Follow them. The book was written as a primer on “prophets.” The blog was our way of building on the book while interacting with our readers as well as current events.

This is our purpose: From Scripture, we desire to exalt the prophetic word of God to its place of highest importance. We labor to teach the saints Scripture’s warnings as well as its promises. Next, we are committed to helping God’s people recognize true prophets when they appear. Finally, for those called to be last day’s prophets, we desire to be a valuable resource for their ministry. This was the purpose of The Prophets of God book in 2012 and for theprophetsofgod.com blog in 2018. The equipping of God’s people never stops.


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