In Memoriam, Janet Twigg, 1966-2018

“Blessed are the saints who die in the Lord from now on.”

On May 19th or 20th, our beloved Janet Twigg passed away quietly in her South Africa home when her heart was stopped by a blood clot–and what a glorious heart it was! Janet loved and was loved. She gave and she cheered others on. She was devoted and devout. She was a willing servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Left behind to mourn her death are Janet’s son Jared (currently living and working in China), her co-workers at EHL Engineering Consultants and her dear close friend Zeca. (Janet was like a grandma to Zeca’s children.)

We, here at, will miss this beautiful Christian sister, this diamond from Johannesburg. A day or so before Janet left us, she sent a text for which I am grateful. She wrote that she loved our blog’s home page. “The page looks amazing,” she said. (It was our last correspondence.) Janet was always ready to lend this blog her much-needed skills. She was part of, and always will be.

Elijah, Janet’s special love, and husband-to-be, grieves to the depths of his being. I grieve as well. Elijah’s family and mine, plus several of our friends, were to warmly welcome her to the U.S. in a few weeks. Setting foot in America was Janet’s dream. It was not to be. That dream dissipated into nothingness the moment she saw Jesus.

We thank God that “U.S. Team Janet” had the opportunity to share Jesus’ love. She left while we owed her a debt we cannot repay. Janet, we cherish your memory. At Jesus’ Coming, we will join you in the air.