Purchase the Most Accurate Books on Prophecy Anywhere!

Announcing! If you have been searching for the most reliable, Biblically-accurate works on prophecy anywhere, then here they are! Some may disagree, but no one can dispute the evidence.

We have all the options for individual purchases (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booklocker, iTunes, paperback and ebook format), but if you want two or more, or a quantity, you can now order direct. You can’t beat our prices! For Bible Studies or gifts, follow the link “Books” on the “Home” page:

Lifesaver- A rational and Scriptural analysis of a popular Christian end-times position that from the first chapter factually destroys the “imminent” or “any moment rapture” doctrine. Every unbiased, lover of truth will want these Biblically-supported torpedoes in their arsenal. Perfect for study groups who want an objective, thorough, easy-to-read analysis and want a rock-solid grasp of future events.

The Prophets of God– A primer on prophets (ancient and modern) that offers all you need to know about how to recognize them, especially as we enter an unprecedented time of mass deception and a flood of false prophets. Perfect for study groups who are willing to follow God’s prophets and want to discuss Scripture in light of today’s events, as well as current teachings and practices in the church.

The Priests of God– A primer on the Priesthood of God, from the beginning a central role for believers and God-fearers. You will learn of the priesthood’s God-ordained functions. You will read of “The Order of Melchizedek,” the everlasting royal priestly order that claims Christ as its High Priest. Meditate on the Priests of God’s essential purpose in this present age and in the age to come. A perfect study for Bible devotees who are ready to uncover one of the great mysteries and are prepared to embrace their destiny.

The Kings of God The last in The Prophets, Priests and Kings’ Series due the Spring of ’19. The cap on a trilogy that will endure and be esteemed by saints in the next age.

The People of God- The book that started it all. Currently being revised and formatted for ebook. Due to be re-released before the end of ’18. As dependable now as it was in 2010 when originally published. As trustworthy then as it will be at Christ’s Coming.

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