Confidence: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 1:6 NIV)

When Paul expressed his confidence to the Philippians, he was careful to state in whom it was placed. His confidence was entirely in the Heavenly Father. He was sure God would finish the work he started.

Later, the apostle wrote, “put no confidence in the flesh” (3:4). He then cited his religious accomplishments. He summed it up by saying the list was all rubbish compared to gaining Christ and being found in Him (3:8-9).

Apparently, Paul needed to make an important distinction with the Philippians: Self-promotion that says, “Look at me!” gives off a stench (ex. rubbish). Knowing the Lord and being assured of salvation produces a sweet fragrance in God’s nostrils.

Confidence is a by-product of knowledge, and as such, it is intangible. It is knowing our Math grade is an “A” right after we hand in the exam. According to three-time Olympian and Gold Medalist, Bob Richards, “Life’s greatest motivation is the knowledge that God is with me.

Paul never left home without the assurance God was with him. (If God be for us, who can be against us? -Romans 8:31.)

Surprisingly, confidence in God’s Word may invite a negative reaction from some Christians. We should anticipate hostility from the world, but anger from church people about salvation is unexpected. Make no mistake, prophecy is controversial because it is all about salvation!

Standing for prophetic truth evokes a mixed response. The saints soak it up. The indoctrinated may reject it out of hand. It is possible to have false assurance. How can we have certainty if our belief is misguided or our thoughts are confused? (Who misguides? Who authors confusion?)

Many Christians regard befuddlement as normal. Some argue that what happens in the last days is like an equation no one is supposed to solve.

Does God want his people confident about their salvation, past, present, as well as future? If the Lord wants his people to be saved to the uttermost, is it boastful to say we understand his plans (Amos 3:7, Isaiah 42:9, John 15:15)?

After sharing insight about the Antichrist on the phone with a brother, he fired back, “What makes you so sure? What if you’re wrong?”

It was a great question. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to answer. It was my confidence that bothered him. Think of it this way: When you make a discovery, aren’t you excited to share what you learned? Well, so are we!

There is no swagger or puffed out chest. Being granted revelation on matters of supreme importance is humbling. Our self-assurance at is rooted in our scientific approach. What you see comes from an unwavering faith that God is with us. Since it has passed every test for truth, we have a strong belief in what we affirm. As far as our confident, future-oriented messages: Don’t leave home without them! -jf

2 Replies to “Confidence: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

  1. Your post is well-written as well as a personal confirmation. It is impossible to fully grasp what we do not understand. For example: The Holy Days of God, or the Feast Days of Israel, provide clues to understanding end-of-the-age events. Yet, I have heard, ” Well, that could be right but we do not know.” Is the reluctance based on inadequate understanding? It is natural to be cautious, but it should not stop there. Inquiring minds would grasp this and accept it as truth once they dug in and studied the Holy Days in light of prophecy.

    Genesis 1:14 is clear: The sun, moon and stars were created for signs, times and seasons. In Hebrew, these are called “the Moadim” or God’s appointed times. They are vital to completing our understanding of Salvation’s plan.

    I also agree that this knowledge comes with great responsibility. Insight must be guided by love which produces a humble heart. Pastor John has often said we need to seek truth (humility) not just seek to be right (pride). For starters, we cannot have truth without Jesus. Well done!

  2. Thank you for the encouraging response. It goes back to Paul’s words to the Romans in Chapter 10. In regard to prophetic truth and Christ’s personal return in glory and power, “How then can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have never heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’ ”

    Brother, you have beautiful feet!

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