The People of God (Revised)

Originally published in the summer of 2010, The People of God: Finding the Future in Your Bible, was written as an introductory volume to the “Prophets, Priests and Kings Series.” A newly-released edition provides the occasion to reveal my purpose for the revision and my hopes for its readers. Since I asked a number of questions before committing to this project, I have chosen a Q&A (Question & Answer) format for this post. I pray that it will provide insight.**

Q- What was the purpose of doing your revision of The People of God?

A- Although I was confident in it as far as the content, there were things that I felt needed to be improved. It bothered me that my use of footnotes made it too costly to convert The People of God to eBook. The others are available for those who prefer books on their hand-held device, but not The People of God–there were other things too, but that was the big issue.

I relate it to building your first house. You valued the experience and really like how it turned out, but there are things you would do differently, so you either live with the regrets or, if it bothers you enough and you have the time and money, you do a remodeling job. I chose to remodel. I tried to remove what I consider the negatives, but no one who read the original will have a problem recognizing it. I believe it reads better and looks better. I’m very pleased with the results and hope to hear what the readers think. What I am saying is that I did not changes to the basic book.

Q- You have three other books now, and one you are working on–The Kings of God. How does The People of God rank with them?

A- It’s my favorite–of course I say that about all of them. I could read it over and over and still find it a blessing. It is like having five children. They all are your favorite, especially the one you have just spent some quality time with, but The People of God was my first born. There is a special delight I have in it, because this was the one that revealed my destiny, or my reason for being alive. Working on the revision, I rediscovered the special place The People of God has in my heart. I truly love it and can open up to any part of it–as I did recently–and be thrilled by the revelations and insights or what I call the nuggets of gold.

I got this from my mother: She spent time in her Bible because she loved it, not because of some religious duty. I caught my love for God’s Word from her. The first experience of sitting down to write I was hooked. I received so much joy from the Lord as he unwrapped these gifts of discovery before my eyes. I hope that is something the readers sense–my joy as I share what God has shown in prophecy. Even now, I have happy tears thinking about the nuggets God planted in this book. Make no mistake, the Spirit of God is the author, I’m the writer. I’ll take whatever blame for the mistakes in the way it is written, but the revelations and content are from straight from God.

Q- How do you know your insights–what you call nuggets–are from God?

A- That’s a point of contention with some as I have found out. No problem until they find out what I’ve written disagrees with what they believe. Some interpret my confidence as arrogance, I suppose, but it is far from being prideful. God wants us to know we are saved, right? He wants us to know the truth, right? Then the truth is knowable. (“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”) Jesus is knowable! The Word of God is trustworthy and true, so it has nothing to do with me. My job is to be a workman of God who rightly handles the Word of Truth.

Q- So what now are your expectations?

A- Ten years ago, expectations were very high because I thought truth was enough for readers to take The People of God and run with it. No, really, I believed that if I backed up my arguments with Scripture that would be enough–and it was for some. My expectations are lowered considerably. Let’s say that I’m a bit more realistic about the part human nature plays in the persuasion process. Also, I think the spiritual malaise that America and the west are in, is a major obstacle to thoughtful or thought-provoking works outside the mainstream.

My hopes are high because I settled it that my writing belongs to God, he is in charge of marketing. When those saints who reverence the Word begin searching for a book or series that is built on a bedrock of the testimony of Jesus and on a foundation that will last 1000 years, The People of God will be found by them, the Lord will see to it. I will be so bold as to say that it will live among the classics that survive this modern culture of correctness, either political or Christian correctness. I don’t mean for this to sound boastful: I believe The People of God and what came after will be among the very first books that revealed the Kingdom Age, which is soon to come.

Q- What about plans for success?

A- Though I still have much work to do, I believe the success is already here. It happened whenever I started to work writing in earnest and God gave the support of people that I needed. Spiritually, I’ve received the down payment already. It has nothing to do with fame or financial reward–I want nothing to do with anything the world gives. In fact, if I succeed in doing what God has laid out for me then I expect to endure scorn, affliction, persecution, not to mention hatred, betrayal and all the rest. I believe I am on a trajectory to receive all the suffering that Satan inflicts on God’s saints.

I count it a success that a few readers have changed their views on prophecy and are now teaching all 66 books of the Bible accurately. I see it as a success that I may be personally attacked but my writing is unassailable. I say that on the basis of being sound Scripturally and solid logically. For every criticism, I’ve heard praise to counter it. For every reader who said it was hard to understand, I have had others say it was an easy read, so there you are. I look forward to hearing more success stories of how The People of God transformed their understanding of the Bible.

As to the original version, I thank the readers for their encouragement. The foundation is firm and will not be going anywhere. No need for another rewrite after this, the typos in The People of God will remain. The arguments are sound, the principles are secure. The truth is upheld and the Lord Jesus is glorified. The true believers do not only have a book they can have confidence in, but a series they can follow all the way to the blessed throne of God. Knowing I have contributed in some way to my King’s happiness and to His kingdom is my success. ** 

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