We Don’t Want Any!

Full of high expectations I walked into a local Christian bookstore with my first book, The People of God: 26 Keys that Unlock Prophecy. I was met by the wife of the pastor/owner. The woman took the book and immediately handed it back. “What is your position on the end times?” she […] Read More

Take Your Bible and Scram!

When visitors are welcome they are warmly greeted at the door and served inside. When they are unwelcome the door may be slammed in their face. Former neighbors of ours had a sign taped to their front door. It read “Panhandlers and proselytizers go away. You are trespassing!” If a […] Read More

Shut up! Go away!

‘”Nazi,” “homophobe,” “racist,” “sexist,” “anti-immigrant!” At the moment, those are some of the popular names used to shut people up. If an ideologue feels the need, they will use one or more of the above. The ad hominem (“at the man”) attack sticks like tar. Put the other person on […] Read More

A Fine Man

What was the American president, Mr. Obama, like? You worked closely with the man. You were a member of his personal security detail. What opinion of him did you have? In general, these were the questions asked by cable TV’s Tucker Carlson recently of Dan Bongino, a former U.S. Secret […] Read More