“Lifesaver” discussion continued.

Question 10: Is knowing the tribulation is coming enough? What must Christians do to prepare for these difficult times?

Answer 10: Knowing is not enough. It is only half the battle, but an important step nevertheless. We have to clear our head of false ideas or we will be unprepared for the distress Jesus says the elect will endure prior to his coming. We must study and teach prophecy. That was Paul’s encouragement to the church in Corinth.  The prophets have the revelation we need. Gather with others who dig into prophecy using the rules I referred to earlier. Develop Christian communities that are self-sufficient. Do all the things Jesus says or we won’t pass our future test. Nothing can be done for those in denial. They will likely fall away because they put their trust in a lie.

   No one can afford to ignore prophecy. Heads must come out of the sand. This is all about salvation. Our Savior wants us to be saved to the uttermost. He wants our bodies and souls to be saved from what will soon come upon the whole earth. His Son Jesus is coming as the deliverer of his people. He is coming to establish his reign and rule over the earth and those he saves from out of the time of great distress will make up his kingdom and his priests. That is the future salvation that is written into Scripture in Revelation. Christ will demonstrate his glory and God will reveal his Sovereignty. He will punish those who alter prophecy for that reason. For those alive today, there is nothing more important than to know the truth. Why are we confused or in the dark about it? I suggest there is a diabolical answer to that question.

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  1. Pastor John, one thing you have said about the rescue (Rapture) is unique, even among Pre-Wrath Teachers. Not everyone who is raptured, you say, will make it into the kingdom. How do you harmonize that school of thought with the famous Rapture passage in 1 Thess. 4:13-17, where Paul says that we will be forever with the Lord?

    1. Your question is a good one: My take on God’s promises of eternal life and forever dwelling in the Lord’s presence are for his kingdom people, not the insincere or pretenders. I view the sheep and goats judgment in Matthew 25:31-46 as prophetic and set for the very end of this age. The sheep will be with the Lord forever (Matt. 24:34, 46, Rev. 7:14-17). The goats closely resemble sheep and are part of the flock when the Son of Man comes in his glory and all his angels with him. Nevertheless, they are condemned to the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. How could they be standing before Christ at this judgment lest they were raptured? Daniel 11:33 hints at many who are not sincere joining the wise at the time of the end. I believe this is a reference to the goats.
      We have precedent in the exodus. God’s promise to his people was a land flowing with milk and honey. Did everyone that left Egypt the night of Passover receive the inheritance? Many non-Israelites escaped through the Red Sea, but did they survive the tests in the desert? (Exodus 12:38)
      I foresee many not taking the mark and fleeing antichrist’s persecution, but they are tares or goats. Separation will come later after the miraculous rescue from the jaws of the beast. The saints will forever be with the Lord. The ain’ts will escape the antichrist but not the final surprise judgment.

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