I Never Thought of That


There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. (Proverbs 14:12 NIV)

Ever wonder how we come up with the things we do? Recent conversations left me scratching my head. How did this person develop his belief that Genesis was written by men? This young man said he believed in Jesus and loves him. He also said the Bible’s earliest chapters are myth. “What about Carbon-Dating?” he charged. “Using this proven method, we have fossils hundreds of millions of years old.” I sensed an opening for later, so I encouraged him to stay open-minded.

In doctor-like fashion, I listened in order to diagnose the problem. I asked myself, “Why the strong negative reaction to Genesis 1-3?” I’ve heard similar objections. He didn’t think of the Carbon-Dating argument on his own. Cynics had fed him “the Evolution lie”.

Earlier, I spoke with a well-educated, personable young man; knowledgeable in the Scriptures and raised in the church. Our discussion focused on The Book of Revelation. I knew he had objections to my Pre-Wrath Rapture position, so I assumed his orientation was Pre-Tribulational (PTR). I should have asked more diagnostic questions.

His is another contagious malady. He didn’t believe a physical temple would be built at the end of this age. In fact, “Jesus’ return”, he offered confidently, “is spiritual. Christ now reigns over the earth in the spirit.” The Millennium, oh yes, according to him it is a spiritual concept. His take on Revelation is that it is allegory.

It all sounded familiar. Symptoms lead us to the disorder. In his case it is Amillennialism. He never thought on his own to spiritualize Bible prophecy. This thought came from his Amillenialist teachers. I know because I, too, once sipped their poisoned Kool-Ade.

Both men love the Lord, yet they reject the Bible’s version of the beginning or the end. Who originated the attack on Genesis and Revelation? Read what was spoken in the Garden of Eden: “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from the tree in the garden’?” Who first cast doubt on God’s Word? (“You will not surely die,” the serpent said to the woman.)

See why the devil hates Genesis 3? It exposes his crafty scheme.

See why the enemy attacks Revelation. Satan wants us corrupted into unbelief by man’s thoughts (Matthew 16:23).