The Rider on a White Horse

I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” I looked and there before me was a white horse. Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. (Revelation 6:1-2 NIV)

Ever notice how some responses purposely deceive? Evasive answers surface in investigations because the truth incriminates. Since deception is meant to throw us off the trail, the answer will sound believable, but is it truthful? Once untruths happen in our church pulpit, we should question everything we have heard.

The rider in the important Revelation 6:1-2 passage (above) is an example. Many Christian teachers have said this is Jesus on the white horse. The illustration at the top is entitled “Jesus on White Horse with Bow and Arrow.” “Well it could be,” we say. “Western good guys, like the Lone Ranger and Zorro, rode white horses, so it fits a stereotype.”

“Is it Jesus?” This is a serious question with huge implications. Is stating “Jesus rides out” in Revelation 6:1-2 a desperate attempt to veil the rider’s true identity? Believing it is Christ can be only for one reason: Because we want to!

Utilize the “Major Rules of Bible Interpretation” to learn the facts. Is it “Jesus” because of his horse’s similarity with that of Revelation 19:11-16? Examine and compare. What does the rider in Revelation 19 have that the other is missing? Absent in Revelation 6:1-2 are crowns, many in fact, and eyes that blaze like fire. In 19:11-16, we have names signifying he is the glorified Christ. There are different weapons: the sharp, two-edged sword from Jesus’ mouth versus a bow.

“Is rider one Jesus?”  The context of Revelation 6 shows four riders, not just one, and woes on the earth with each opened seal. Jesus does not fit the immediate context.

To resolve seeming conflicts, we gather all relevant Scriptures, then let the evidence speak for itself.

Imagine you have reviewed the above. Teaching on our subject is “an expert.” He confidently declares the Revelation 6:1-2 rider is Jesus. You raise your hand.

Teacher: “I’m sorry, I am lecturing. I do not take questions during my lectures.”

Student: “Excuse me, but this is a point of clarification. I want to be sure I understand what you just said.”

Teacher: “I thought I was quite clear. What don’t you get?”

Student: “From Chapter 5, we agreed that Jesus is the Lamb of God. Isn’t that correct?

Teacher: “Yes, but…”

Student: “In Chapter 6 the Lamb opens the first seal, and out rides the one you say is “Jesus.” Correct?”

Teacher: “That’s, uh-er, but…

Student: “Then, in 6:3, it reads, ‘When the Lamb opened the second seal…’ Please help me see how ‘Jesus the Lamb’ can open seven seals and ‘Jesus the rider’ be out conquering at the same time?”

Teacher: “What’s your name? See me after class.”

There is no substitute for common sense. Check the references in Matthew 24:4-5, 10, 22-26, and 2nd Thessalonians 2:9. Ask “who” might be behind the confusion about identities, then we will know the “why”.

Put Scriptures together and we see why those with a false message of “peace and safety” (1st Thessalonian 5:3) would like Christ’s followers misled. Any questions?


If anyone sees his brother commit a sin that does not lead to death, he should pray and God will give him life. I refer to those whose sin does not lead to death. (1 John 5:16 NIV)

Do not agitate the lion! What fool sticks his finger in the eye of the king? Will not such a thing be judged?

Since the time of the Roman Empire, laws have been made to punish anyone who does injury to the emperor, a monarch, or head-of-state. “Causing harm to a reigning sovereign,” is a rough translation of the French “lese-majeste.”

Thailand’s lese-majeste laws sanction anyone who defames or attacks the king, his queen, a regent or the heir-apparent to the throne. If guilty, sentences range from three to fifteen years per count, making Thailand’s lese-majeste laws the world’s strictest. I contend the weakness of democracies is an unwillingness to enact such laws.

Blasphemy is what God, the High King of Heaven, calls the act of defaming Him or diminishing His glory. For such an offense, do we know what His consequences are? There will be no forgiveness or mercy, since it is a treacherous act against a Holy God (Matthew 12:31).

Can you imagine the furor in America if a judge gave a three-year jail sentence for insulting President Trump or members of his family? Would that we could enforce lese-majeste! We could use at least some restraint. But, alas, I fear it is too late.

Our system of government appears bound for the ash heap. At the root of America’s great schism is “an absence of fear for God in particular or of authority in general.” Authority is being undermined by government leaders who demand respect themselves. Insolence and vulgarity, directed at the leader of the free world, cast a long shadow on the future of free speech.

Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear God and shun evil. (Proverbs 3:7) 

“No fear of God or authority” means we slander and think nothing of it. Each day brings fresh disrespect, threats, attacks and insults. There’s no fear because no one ever pays for the harm they do. So what results from all this? We have a general breakdown in authority resulting in increases in police officers shot, with many gunned down ambush-style.

It is no coincidence Satan worship is rising in popularity in the Western world. According to the late-Saul Alinsky, in his “Rules for Radicals” Dedication to Lucifer, the evil one is the original radical. Once a certain percentage commit to spreading lies, hate and discontent, a tyrant will eventually assume power. Look at the 20th Century successes of the revolutionary Communists and Fascists.

There is little doubt of what will replace what we now have, but failed to protect? Since God places rulers on their thrones, an attack on authority is a lese-majeste against the Most High. Read Romans 14, then, before it is too late, teach respect and pray for those in authority so that we all may live in peace.