Five Reasons to Leave Church

I love the subject of politics. It is what politics has become that distresses me. I love my country, but I hate the decadence, deceit and evil I see everyday. I love the Church of our Lord. Like others, I am deeply concerned by how woefully unprepared Christians are about what’s coming.

God’s design for the church was always about “a people,” but we have made it “a place.” I love the saints, the people of God, and always will, but I reject the church as a building–and believe God does also. Nothing good is going to come from the attachment Christians have with bricks and mortar.

With the Lord’s return near, the saints of God (people) must relegate the four walls we call church (place) to the past. Jesus cannot be contained by walls. Worshipers the Father seeks must worship Him in spirit and in truth (cf. John 4:19-24). The physical obstructs the spiritual. No matter how beautiful it is, the Lord wants us out of the building (place). For reasons, it is condemned (cf. Matthew 24:1-2, 1 Peter 4:17). Soon our lovely houses of worship will be a spiritual and physical trap.

Soon all will be forever altered. From Scripture I plead with everyone who loves Christ, to exit the building before everyone inside falls into Antichrist’s hands (cf. Revelation 13:7.) Those who heed this prophetic word and form communities of God’s people will live and spiritually prosper in the days ahead. (More on the alternative to staying in the next post.)

Think don’t just react. Below are five Biblical reasons God’s church of chosen people need to leave the physical church (place): First, Jesus commanded his disciples to go. Mt. 28:18. By going we are demonstrating we are his. In the process, we save our lives and those in our family who are with us. Luke 10:1-20

Next, we see the storm clouds forming. This is a time of war, not peace. (South Africa and the press.)

Another reason is that sitting inside a building is a possible death trap. A soft target for those who want Christians dead. Start a fire. Lock the doors from the outside. On the inside, take out the leader and the flock will scatter.

Buildings or places like the twin towers are static, not fluid. Remember Pearl Harbor. Mighty ships are vulnerable moored to the dock. They cannot be steered when in port. They are built for the open sea. In war time, God’s model is a camp of people ready to pull up stakes and go, not an easy target brick and mortar cathedral.

Lastly, the reason we need to leave is because Jesus has left the building. Not the people who are his, but the form of religion we call the church.