Carried Away-Pt. 2

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached to the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14 NIV)

Making disciples of all nations seems like a daunting task—and it is! Yet is anything too hard for the Lord? Would Jesus tell his followers to do the impossible? The prophecy above indicates the job will be completed, but “How?”

If world evangelism is left up to people with the most spiritual and physical resources, will it be accomplished? America has proven its many churches and its prosperity do not mean the Gospel spreads at home or abroad. In the West, Christianity is in decline while Islam’s influence rapidly increases.

Jesus’ order to “Go into all the world” means boots on the ground.

Some believe the solution lies in satellites beaming Christian TV and internet. It may be ours, but it isn’t God’s answer. Jesus’ order to “Make disciples” means their must be boots on the ground. Like bombs dropped from airplanes, bombs cannot replace infantry. Neither do electronic signals substitute for beautiful feet on the mountains (Romans 10:14-15)! “Go” means “Get off your padded pews and go!”

The present trickle of Christian volunteers cannot meet the battle’s demands. As I see it, what must happen is conscription (sp. the means rulers use to enlist fresh recruits). When kings go to war, they don’t wait for enough volunteers; they go in search of conscripts (i.e. fighting-aged men who, not by choice, trade in work clothes for combat fatigues.)

All nations will hear, then they will worship the Lord. How will they believe, lest the Gospel is proclaimed to them? Believers will go out in shackles and in tears. They will return rejoicing, bringing along a great harvest of souls.

Next, I will describe a likely scenario in which the Great Commission will be fulfilled.