Kept in the Dark

Not everything is for everybody. Somethings should be brought to light, yet they remain hidden. The Congress’ quest for information from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), a part of the executive branch of government, has been consistently thwarted (“stone-walled”). Documents sometimes take a year or more to be handed over, and then they may be heavily redacted (i.e. important facts blacked-out for so-called security reasons.) Why the “slow-walk” or non-cooperation? Why the necessity to level contempt threats against DOJ officials? With a special counsel investigation having free reign to look into charges against the President of the United States, what are top law officials trying to hide? In contrast, the Trump administration has turned over everything that has been requested, 1.3 million documents in all to the Special Counsel. Why is Congress, the branch of government charged with oversight over the DOJ, being kept in the dark? We know the reason. The office of the attorney general is protecting some bad actors, that much is certain.

All the above is being disputed by a large number of Americans for reasons of ideology rather than lack of evidence. The same can be said for the divide among Christians over Biblical “eschatology” (i.e. the study of last things). This blog promotes a view that opens the Bible, insists on the application of the rules of interpretation as well as using credible historical and linguistic resources to let the evidence speak for itself.  However, no such transparency has been forthcoming from the other sides of Pre-Tribulational Rapturism (PTR) or Amilllennialism (Preterism). These long names may not be recognized, but the two end-time positions they describe dominate Western Christian teaching of the church. Why the need to raise the volume and talk over the other? Why do stress levels rise and tempers flare? What the personal attacks? Why the attempts at intimidation and name-calling by otherwise soft-spoken Christians? Is there something to hide other than truth?

Make no mistake, PTR and Amillennial (“No literal Millennium”) doctrines are ideologies. An ideology will protect itself at all costs, while those seeking truth desire the facts at all times. Ideologies all have something that must not come to light. Truth invites the light and exposes the darkness. Those who love the darkness hate the light (John 3:).