Walls that Divide Pt. 3

The most damaging of the walls Christians have built are the mental and physical ones that separate Christian from Christian. A group of believers sees another group as the enemy so they fight hard prevent an exchange of ideas or dialogues because they believe differently. We have prominent groups that produce all their own teaching materials, educate their own leadership in their own specific seminaries or Bible schools and restrict Christian books to the precious few that earn the imprimatur of the authorities.

Walls multiply once we start using them. A wall springs up for all facets of life. Instead of developing critical thinking skills and apologetic abilities, Christians become cult-like finding their security in a leader who thinks for them.

Venturing out becomes rare. Certain topics are not discussed, because–God forbid–an outside idea might be entertained. Our group status would be in peril, if we uttered a thought contrary to the collective dogma.

Walls make those behind them timid. Outside there are dangers, conflicts and arguments about views that are strange to those inside. Inside everyone nods in agreement.

Per chance on the outside of the walls there is a discussion on politics, for example. Suppose it turns into an argument that challenges our set of assumptions. Our conversation becomes emotional and we become defensive because our presuppositions are under attack. The vulnerable one is the person who has mental walls. They are not accustomed to battling in the realm of ideas. So the cultist makes a mental note not to engage again in meaningful conversation with that person and to rush back to our four-walled citadel as soon as we are able. And let the rest of the world goes to hell.

All dividing walls are soon going to be obliterated. All mind control will be internal, not external. No more asking if it is okay to listen to this talk show or if it is acceptable to watch this cable news outlet or should one read this author or that commentator. Christians will employ the mind of Christ. They will filter everything through Scripture and listen intently for truth as well as the lie. That includes those we acknowledge as spiritual leaders.

If it isn’t too late, it is time to take the church of Jesus Christ out from behind the walls. Release the caged lion and let the Gospel do what it does best, penetrate the defenses the devil has built. It past time for believers to spread their wings and discover they can fly.