The Priests of God


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With God’s Word as the authority, the role of priests is defined before the search for the mysterious Christ-like figure, Melchizedek, can begin. The entire Bible is examined for clues to the man that Genesis 14:18 calls ‘Priest of God Most High.’ Following each lead, Scripture takes the investigation in a unique direction. Concluding Melchizedek had flesh-and-blood pays dividends when the pursuit leads to a “person-of-interest.” From there, a case is solidly built for one of the most dramatic Bible discoveries of any era.

Until now, God has cloaked Melchizedek in mystery. Solving this mystery is the Lord’s gift to his last day’s saints, The Priests of God. Knowing who was hidden behind the veil will have tremendous implications for the priestly order of Melchizedek.
Get ready to be challenged. Get set to objectively re-think and re-examine all you have learned about prophecy. Be prepared for a life-changing and mind-blowing experience. You must be open to the Spirit. Your destiny as God’s servant awaits.


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